Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Sunny Side of Bass Fishing!

If you don't already know, I love to fish for Bass. I would do just about anything to spend a day on the lake in search of my favorite fish. The best part of all the time I spend on the water is that I have accumulated a ton of funny stories. I don't have the ability to remember the order in which they came. So, I'll just pass them along as they come to me.

I've always enjoyed fishing in Bass tournaments. It's always fun to fish and the competition part makes it just that much better. So when I started dating my wife I asked her would she be interested in fishin some tournaments with me. She told me she would like to but she had never fished for Bass before. I told her not to worry she didn't even have to fish if she didn't want because i didn't care if we won or not. It didn't take long for her to decide to do it. I found a perfect tournament trail that consisted of men and women. I entered us and we were on our way!

The first tourney came and I was excited. My wife was excited as well and was trying to prepare for what was to come. While Me, her, and a friend of ours were shopping she asked should she get a rain coat. Me and my buddy just kinda laughed and said we don't think you'll be needing it. She decided she should probably get it anyways. The night before the tourney it began to rain hard and the temperature began to plunge. When we woke up the next mornin it was still raining and had turned cold. I told her that if she didn't want to fish it was just fine with me. To my surprise she told me she was ready for anything and began to put on her rain suit. This caught me off guard a bit cause I really didn't want to get out in the cold rain. However, I was definitely not goin to let her beat me out so I decided to get ready. I made a quick call to my Dad to ask him where my rain suit was. Much to my surprise good ole Dad told me he had taken them out and hung them in the barn to air out so they wouldn't smell. Great!! I told my wife this wouldn't be a problem for me at all. I put on a pair of sweatpants under my blue jeans, two t shirts, a sweatshirt and then my fishing shirt. I also put on a ski hat and some gloves. Ready to go!!!

We launched the boat at safe light which is way too early to be on the water in a down pour. The wind had also picked up making life that much better. We decided to head into one of the nearby canals in an effort to avoid as much wind as possible. Everything seemed to be goin just fine. My wife was lookin cute as could be in her new rain suit and was fishin her tail off. I was dry as could be and almost hot. Unfortunately, It only took about an hour before I realized my clothing was soakin up the water like a sponge. As the water made it through my jeans and into my sweatpants I began to get colder and colder. Not only that, my clothes also became heavier and heavier. I was determined not to let it get the best of me!

Just about the time I was about to give in the rain stopped. After quietly thanking the good Lord I told my wife "See, its not gonna be that bad!" She replied "I'm fine but I know you have to be freezin your butt off!" Even though she was dead on I said "Naw, Im just fine!" as I pulled up my heavy britches. About that time we actually began to catch some fish. With every fish I began to forget about the cold and began to have a great time. We finished inside the top ten and was very excited at our placement in our very first trip. I was happy to get dried off and drove home in my underwear. I couldn't have been happier with my wife. She was quite the trooper and we still fish together as often as we can!!