Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Ole Pepe' was a Chihuahua that we inherited when Grandma passed. He was small in size but made up for it with his temper. One minute he would be your best buddy and the next he would be on ya like a buzz saw. He was definitely a lot of fun to have around.

My family had rented a home just outside of our town that was way out in the woods. It was just a short jaunt from the house down to the river. Me and Dad would walk down there every few days and fish off the bank. Most of the time Pepe' would follow along on our heels.

One day while we were walkin along I told Pepe' he was in for a long walk today because we were gonna walk for quite a ways. We had been walkin and fishin on and off for a couple of hours when suddenly I noticed Pepe' was no where to be found. Me and Dad both called and called for him but he never came back. He was definitely gone! At that time Dad said exactly what I was thinking "A gator might have got him!" I began to get a very heavy feeling in my heart and tears started to well up in my eye. I would not except the fact that a gator could have gotten him. I hadn't even seen a gator anywhere around us. So, I began to search frantically through the woods. Suddenly I heard a noise coming from above me. That's when I seen it. There on its nest was a huge Osprey and he was rippin and tearin at some kind of small animal. Right then I knew Pepe' had met his fate and was destined to become lunch to the huge bird. I began to cry at the loss of such a great family pet. He had been through so much in his life that I couldn't bare to think he went out like this. Let alone the fact that I should have been responsible enough to keep a keen eye out for him. I mean, I for one definitely know that an Osprey eats rabbits and other small animals. The more I thought about it the harder I would cry and Dad was doing his best not to cry and just console me!

I decided that the big bird was not goin to eat all of my dog. I would have some of him left to bury. I would seek revenge and bring death to the cold blooded bird. As I marched with haste back towards the house through the woods Dad asked what I was goin to do. I told him I was goin back to get the shotgun and blast that Damn bird and the rest of Pepe' out of the nest. He didn't say a word after that. If he did I sure couldn't hear him over my crying. I could hardly breath every time the thought of what happened would come to mind. After what seemed like forever I finally reached the backyard to the house. I began to pick up the pace. The closer I got to the house the faster I was running. I sprinted around the house to the front door and to my disbelief there in all his glory was Pepe'. That was probably the only time in my life that Ive ever had thoughts of killing a dog. Of course my Dad found it to be one of the most hilarious things he had ever seen. I fell to my knees and began to clutch onto Pepe and pet him. What a day!!