Thursday, April 23, 2009

Three Wheeler!!

After weeks of begging to Mom about gettin us a three wheeler, she finally caved in. Me and Dad were stoked! That Saturday we went and bought a brand new Honda 185s. It was awesome. Once we got it home we rode it around the yard a few times until Mom got upset because it was tearing up the grass. The next day was to be our first outing to the sand dunes with it and I couldn't wait.

The next morning we were loaded up and ready to go. Mom made sure to remind us of the deal that she made with us. The deal was that if either of us got hurt on the three wheeler that it would be gone. We assured her we would be very careful and headed out the door.

Me and Dad took turns riding up and down the sand dunes. We were having an absolute blast on the thing. The next time it was my turn I decided to race another kid down the dirt road. I was winning of course when we came to a turn in the road. I was worried a vehicle might be coming the other way so I locked the brakes up. The three wheeler must of been worried too because it decided to leave the road all together. I hit a massive load of dirt just off the side of the road, flipped the bike end over end landing sprawled out in the middle of the road. My shoulder was hurting so bad I couldn't ride back so the other kid went back for Dad. Dad loaded the bike up in the truck and we headed home for the day. My collar bone was pointed up like a tee pee as if it was trying to come through the skin. Very painful. We both knew that this was probably the end of the three wheeler if my bone was broke.

When we got home I sat down on the couch clutching my arm and trying not to move at all. Dad came in with Mom and told her I had crashed but he was sure my collar bone wasn't broken. I gathered everything I had and told her I was fine. However, nurse Mom decided she should take a look. After she looked at it she politely told us both that it was definitely broken and I would have to go the hospital.

Well ya see, in my family if you have to go to the hospital then that means you must first take a shower! So, after my shower we went to the hospital. My collar bone was broken and was definitely about to break the skin. The doctor said it would be ok and proceeded to put a brace that resembled a bra on me. When he tightened the dang thing up it made my chest poke out like a screwed up chicken. Mom decided to let us keep the three wheel and the day after I got my brace off I proceeded to break my wrist. But that's a different story all together!!