Thursday, March 26, 2009


Figured I would post this story. I sent this in to a contest for short stories just to see how I might do. I'm sure I could never win something like that but it sure was fun to write! Hope you enjoy!

Its Saturday night and I cannot go to sleep. I keep tossing and turning and looking at my alarm clock that is set to go off at four a.m. Finally, I dose off about two in the morning just knowing I'm gonna not hear the alarm. I quickly wake up and look at the clock and its three fifty eight. I turn the alarm off and quietly begin to prepare for the adventure I have been waiting for all week. Just as I leave the bedroom and move to the kitchen I see Dad and he asks me "You ready?" I quickly reply with a "Yes sir, lets go!" With the boat in tow we head towards the lake. It seems to take forever to reach the boat ramp. Thoughts of what kind of memories the day will bring fill my head. I haven't another care or thought in the world. We slide the jonboat out of the back of the truck and into the water. Dad hooks up the trolling motor and we are away. The sun has just began to rise and the lake has fog just about five feet off the water. The water is dead calm and there is not a sound to be heard. It was one heck of a sight to behold. As we glided across the water a very large blue heron effortlessly flew directly across in front of me. He was huge with a giant wingspan. I watched in awe as he landed in the shallow and began his day of fishing. Finally Dad said "Ok, this looks like a good place to start!" The shoreline where we were at was lined with trees. Some of the trees were overhanging the water while others had actually fallen to a watery grave. There were also a few lilypads and cattails mixed into the wooded structure. This was definitely a place where I would live if i were a Large Mouth Bass. As the sun burned away the fog you could hear the wilderness come to life. Frogs, birds and other wildlife began to stir. Fish began to break the water and you could see the rings of waves left behind. My mind was suddenly transported back to reality when Dad exclaimed "there he is!" He set the hook and his pole bent from the size of the fish that had taken the bait. Dad said "It feels like a good one" as if I wasn't excited enough already. I was anxious to see this fish and he was quick to not disappoint me. The Bass broke the surface and launched itself into the air shaking with everything it had trying to throw the hook loose. When he reentered the water he dug for the depths as Dads drag peeled from his reel. I began to coach Dad as if he was a little league player. I shouted "Don't force him" and "Keep your rod bent!" Finally, after what seemed to be at least an hour Dad brought the monster alongside the boat and said "Grab him and don't miss!" Inspired by the fact that Dad intrusted me to bring this prize of a fish he had into the boat overwhelmed me. I reached into the water and grasped the fish by the bottom lip and began to raise him into the boat. He splashed me one last time with his tail with what seemed like one last attempt at freedom. With a grin that went from ear to ear I turned to hand the fish to Dad. He seemed to have the same exact smile on his face as I did but there was something a bit different about it. We got a camera out of the tackle box and snapped away a few pictures of the trophy Dad had landed! Dad gave the fish back to me and said "Here you can release him." I took one last look at this amazing fish and then gently eased him into the water. After a second or two the fish realized where he was and took off with haste. As the fish disappeared into the depths Dad said "Just think how big he will be the next time we catch him!" We fished well into the afternoon while catching a few and losing a few. However, none came close to the size of the first one. Finally, it was time to go and we stowed our gear and headed back to the truck. With the boat loaded and smiles on our faces we returned to the house. We both couldn't wait to tell our story of the big fish and show off the pictures.

Twenty something years later and I still remember this and every fishing trip that Dad and I shared. We still go fishing together on a regular basis and I still get just as excited about every trip. However, it took me becoming a Dad myself to actually understand the difference in my smile and Dads that day. Thanks Dad!

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