Wednesday, January 28, 2009

McDonald French Fries?

This subject doesn't have much to do with growing up except for the fact that I could eat the beejeebees out of some Mickey D food! However, I have always wondered what in the world there dad gum french fries are made out of? If these things are made out of real potatoe Ill be a monkeys uncle. You see, if you put a real tater out in the sun or somewhere for a long period of time it will rot. First it turns black and then begins to stink until it rots away as compost. However, I have seen McDonalds french fries that happened to be left in the back of my truck bed for well over a year and they looked almost exactly the way they were when put there. I mean you would think a coon or bird would've ate the dang things but they didn't. Maybe they know something we don't. I have even found em stuck down between the cracks of the seats of a car that have been there forever and a day. These french fries don't turn colors, stink and they surely don't biodegrate (if thats how ya spell it). Anyhow, the one thing I can tell you about them is they are tasty little things and haven't killed me yet. Oh, and while we are on that subject, my mom always told me that the reason I was so skinny was all the junk food I ate from fast food places. However, if you watch the news you will see that the world is obese because of fast food restaurants. Whats up with that?? So the next time you order some french fries and McDonalds make sure you eat every last one of them. Because them suckers ain't gonna go anywhere anytime soon if ya don't!!

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  1. That should tell you that your Mom is right. Quit eating fast food.