Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bow and Arrow Troubles!

My Dad decided to build a back porch on our house. It took him quite some time to finish it too. He put painless ours into it and had just gotten the green fiberglass roof panels up when this all took place.

Well, ya see, I recieved a bow and some arrows from somewhere. Mom told me I could shoot them in the back yard but to be careful cause they were dangerous. I was having a great time shootin the arrows. The only problem was that I only had like four arrows and it was getting old chasing them across the pasture. I decided it would be much easier to shoot em straight up in the air to see how high they went. Plus, you didn't have to chase em as far. After shooting up a couple I had it down pat. That is right up until one of them didn't go quite straight up and when it came down it went right in Dad's new roof. I quickly climbed up on the roof of the house and managed to lean over on the porch roof and pull the arrow out. In a scurry I climbed back down to assess the damage only to find a very little hole about the size of a dime. Sure that Dad wouldn't see it I returned to the bow and arrow. Lesson learned I decided I should move further away from the house before continuing. However, the very next arrow I shot came down directly in the middle of the porch roof. In a panic I realized that I wouldnt be able to reach it from the roof or crawl on the new roof to retreive it. I entered the porch and could barely grab the tip of the arrow hanging from the roof. It wouldn't budge and I realized at this point I was screwed in a big way! When Dad came out on the porch the first thing he noticed was the arrow. He turned to me and gave me a look that made me certain I was probably close to my last breath. Course I told him i was sorry about a bazillion times. When he asked me what was I thinking I replied with my usual answer "I don't know!" For some reason I never seen the bow and arrow again!!


  1. I really enjoyed your blog....reminds me of my growing up years!



  2. thanks Bee!! Its nice to know someones enjoying it!!