Monday, February 2, 2009

The Super Bowl and All Its Glory!

Every year I try my best to watch as much football as i can. Its usually not a very easy task to fulfill because it takes place on Sunday. The games are usually pretty long and there is always something else goin on. I usually make extra time when the Packers are going to be shown in my area. There is just something about football that makes it fun to watch. Be it the hard hits, the strategy between the two teams, the superstar players and coaches or just watching grown men fulfill there dreams by trying to kill each other, makes the game worth watching. These players get paid unbelievable money to do exactly what they want to do in life. How many people can say that? However, even with as much money as they make and they re ability to play the game better than another player. They still can't become one of the greatest without playing with a team and as a team. By playing as a team and doing it with perfection they might have a chance to make it to the Super Bowl. This is it, the big game, the championship, the big time, the whole enchilada!! A dream come true for a football player. There are many a player that never get to see that game except from the stands. This is why this game means so much. I love everything about it. The hype is what its all about. No matter which team you want to win its always gonna be a great game, not to mention a great show. The who's who of the world will be on hand to watch. The halftime show will be huge. Even the commercials will be talked about for years to come. With this being said, next year if you don't even watch football tune into the biggest game of the year and just watch. I guarantee you will find yourself lost in the greatest game in the world. I'd also like to give a congrats to the Pittsburg Steelers for winning the whole enchilada this year. Kudos to the Arizona Cardinals for making it one heck of a game to watch!!

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