Monday, February 16, 2009

The Wasps, Again!!

Just to the east of our house was a pasture that was overgrown and full of myrtle trees. Some of the trees were very big thus making it look jungle like. We spent many hours in those little woods playing all sorts of games. The woods were quick access from the house with nothing but a ditch between the yard and woods.
One day as I was playing in the yard next to the woods when I saw it. There was a huge wasp nest hangin in one of the small trees just beyond the ditch. I decided I had to make a decission. I could leave em alone and not worry about them. Or, I could knock the nest down with a rock destroying there whole nest in one shot. I'm pretty sure you can already guess which option I went with!
Welp, again, im no dummy so I knew I had to get the perfect rocks to hit them from a distance. After countless minutes and a handfull of perfect rocks I returned to the side yard. I began quite a ways away. Throwing with everything I had I kept missing the nest so I would creep closer. Finally, I ran out of rocks. The wasps never seemed bothered at all by the rocks flying by them. Thats why it just made sense to get even closer.
I decided to get a big stick then run up close enough to throw the stick at them and then run back to the house. The perfect plan! What could possibly go wrong? I picked up the stick jumped the ditch ran towards the nest till I got close to them. In one quick motion I threw the stick and knocked that sucker right out of the tree! I was stoked and realized quickly they were pissed. I ran with everything I had back to the ditch. With the amount of speed I had goin you'd thought it woulda been easy to clear the ditch. However, I didn't make it. When I hit the other side of the ditch I fell to my face. This is the exact point I realized that wasps will give chase. As I jumped to my feet them suckers were stingin the crap out of my back. Let me tell ya, I just thought I was runnin fast before. I was picken em up and puttin em down now. Like my head was on fire and my butt was catchin!! I finally made it into the house screamin like I was shot. Mom assessed the situation and cleaned up the stings for me. Then she asked me what did I think was going to happen when I hit them. I replied with the famous " I don't know!" She replied with a chuckle " I guess ya found out!"


  1. You found out but didn't learn.


  2. Reading your post reminds me of a time back in 1982 when I helped a friend build a timber framed green house. It was late Summer. The wasps were very active for whatever the reason.
    Anyhow, we were setting the roof trusses. I had a spray can of wasp killer in my nail pouch because the wasps were everywhere.
    Standing on an 8"x 8" beam two stories in the air spraying wasps as they would dive bomb towards me with one hand and handling trusses with the other.
    It's seems funny now but at the time I assure you, it wasn't. I was stung a few times.
    As some of the wasps would come at me from the front (as if they were diverting my attetion)others would come from behind, stinging me.