Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday :o(

Im not quite feeling up to snuff today. For some reason work has got me down in the dumps. So there wont be a story today. that being said, ill make sure to come up with a good one tommorrow. So today i will leave ya with a few sayings ive picked up from my parents and others over the years.
1. dont make me knock a knot on your head and dare it to rise!!
2. if you dont stop im gonna slap your haircut around!
3. abracadabra!! your a milkshake!! (after askin mom to make me a milkshake)
4. then dont do that then! (after tellin dad "it hurts when i do this")
5. i gotta poop like a cripple coon!
6. i gotta race like a piss horse!
7. its raining like a six weiner billy goat peeing on a flat rock!
8. its hot as a fresh frigged fox in a forest fire!
9. s.b.y.l (sorry bout your luck)
10. what were you thinking?


  1. I have another one.... "Well it ain't right!" My Dad, in response to my brother asking him if his arm was broken (it obviously was...)

  2. Feeling up to snuff is one you learned from your Grandma.


  3. That list was funny and interesting.

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