Tuesday, January 13, 2009

funny little story from my past

Well, this probably isn't the first one but it was the first to come to mind so i figured it would be a good one to start with (seeing how i don't have any readers yet..lol)
When i was just a little tyke i couldn't wait to get a mini bike. however, my mom always said they were dangerous and i would probably get hurt on it. Years past and i still wanted one more than anything. Good ole mom finally come to the rescue and hooked me up! of course our finances were not the greatest back then (to this day i still don't know how my parents got me everything i wanted) so it was used. Being used made no difference to me at all as it was the most awesome thing in the world at that time. When dad got it out of the truck my mom quickly chimed in with "it looks dangerous to me" however, my dad quickly came back with "its not dangerous at all, here let me show you." Now i was young see, but i still new exactly what was coming and it probably wasn't gonna be good. Dad jumps on it, cranks it up and takes off down our dirt road. The dirt road we lived on had dirt ruts cut in the grass from car tires about six inches deep. I'm pretty sure the tires on the bike were about four inches. so, here comes dad flying back down the dirt road towards us like a bullet. I was stoked. unfortunately for me (and dad) just about the time he got to where we were the tire hit the side of the rut in the road and crossed the steering wheel up. dad (bless his heart) exits the mini bike and flies by us like superman with a clipped wing. He hits the ditch with a big ole thud and then jumps to his feet and says "im ok!" my mom who has quite the sense of humor too, replies "yep, looks perfectly safe to me!"

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  1. And that was just the start of things to come.