Monday, January 12, 2009


welp, just got to work and you can sure tell its monday. i often find my self wondering what is it with monday that makes it so bad. is it just the first day back at work after the weekend. could it be the fact that the weekend has come to an abrupt end. well no matter how you decide it always seems to be a rough day where everything that has gone wrong piles up on you at the time you really dont feel like messing with anything.
this turned out to be a very good weekend for me. friday and saturday i didnt do much cept accidentally rammed my little toe into a railing near my front door while i was walking fast and rubbing my eyes (briliant)! sunday was quite a day. we took the jeep down south to a new mudhole and had an absolute blast!! my best friends jeep decided it was not gonna participate and would never stay running long enough to move. my jeep, however, was running like a champ and me and my wife were rippin up the swamp. by the end of the day we were covered with mud and had a hint of cow poop smell too. not sure what that was all about but it obviously washed off!! at the end of the day my jeep decided it was done and the clutch wouldnt work anymore. looks like i got some mechanicing to do before the next go round!!

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