Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mini Monsters That Im Sure Could Kill Me

As you can probably tell by now I'm no city boy. So as far as most things go I'm not scared of much. I have caught caught snakes, rats, turtles, birds and many other animals with my bare hands just to see what they look and feel like...including many alligators! This being said, you can see how hard it must be for me to admit I'm afraid of something. Well let me tell you, these creatures are huge and I'm pretty sure they are out to get me. have you ever seen a "killer" Cuban tree frog before? Oh yea, these guys are vicious lookin and have little beady eyes. They also can jump pretty much a mile (best i can figure). They look alot like them little cute green frogs ya see around most doors and window. however, these guys came to the house in gangs. They come in many shapes and sizes from small to gigantic. The colors they have seem to change from dark to almost a very ugly white. Making there selves scarce during the day and attacking during the dark seems to be there forte. Just last night a medium size one had me in his clutches as i entered the front door. Luckily for me he could not quite stay in step with me while i was bringing back some very nice breakdance moves. he hit the tile floor and i headed for the back door. i then realized he wasn't on me anymore and i was gonna have to come up with some kinda plan to get him back outside. I signaled our jack Russell to fetch him and carry him outside. It seems that jack russells are scared of them too! I eased over and opened the door wide, then, made my move quick without haste. Like a field goal kicker for the nfl the frog was up and good, straight out the door!! I have many other stories of these things trying to get me. I even have a mammoth of one living in a birdhouse by my front door. He don't mess with me and i don't mess with him!! Ill share more frog stories as they unfold. Any suggestions you might have about these things would be of much value. oh, make sure you look out at night, ye be warned!!!!

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